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Euroclear is a Belgium-based financial services company that specializes in the settlement of securities transactions as well as the safekeeping and asset servicing of these securities. It was founded in 1968 as part of J.P. Morgan & Co. to settle trades on the then developing eurobond market.

The following article on urges us to take precautions, "The CCS Commercial Crime Bureau (CCB), which carried out investigations with the support of the CCS Cybercrime Unit (CCU), reports that fraudsters had published fake European banking guarantees on at least 29 different Websites to lure potential clients to invest in get-rich-quick schemes. According to CCS, the Web addresses gave the impression that the scam sites were run by either Euroclear Bank or Bloomberg."


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"An dictator firm, worst firm"

Former Employee - Information Technology Specialist says

"Very bad office politics, chaotic organisation."

Current Employee - Manager says

"1. Incapable top management - manipulated by the middle management; no guts to solve any problem; People do not complain because everyone is fear of management; 2. Poor Ops management - most team leaders do not have sufficient knowledge to guide the junior staff. Management are just pointing fingers. Show no respect to the junior. There were so many complains about a particular team head and management should look into it. 3. Demotivated client service team - non-stop changing of management and very incapable management; everyone is looking to leave ! 4. Incapable RM team - a bunch of “shoes polishers”; not able to sell; extremely inflated title (someone called deputy but people really have no idea how could this happen); you get jumping to next level and bigger salary increase only if you are “friend” to the boss. No discipline. 5. Ignorant headquarter - no control of this office; no strategy and understanding of Asia; 6. No career path - middle / top management are pushing talents out; only promote “shoes polisher”; dominated by “guai lo”;"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Use remote desktop to perform daily work. Very sad... I know. - Craziest office politics by the middle management I have ever seen in my entire life. - Your raise doesn't catch up to inflation - Back-stabbing culture makes smart and hard-working people lose faith and leave. - Clueless middle management never failed to come up with previously rejected change-initiatives by the end of the year. I sometimes question if their memory retention is only as much as goldfish. - The firm doesn't really give warning letters and fire people because they will need to compensate for your three-months salary. They will instead ask you or force you to resign, convince you that they will give you a good reference, but then when you leave, you will only be left with a bad and possibly-libel review in your employment record to destroy your career. You think it's a fair game to play nice and maintain quality work until the end of your employment? Think again. - People are in constant fear of middle management as they are basically given free passes to do whatever shady things they want during the cost-cutting phase, such as picking on employees that are obviously brighter than them. - If you are a good worker and you want to leave, you will likely be begged to stay, but if you have made up your mind to really leave the company, please prepare for the worst."

Former Employee - Settlement Specialist says

"-bad management -team leaders do not speak english -bad management -Low salaries - NO MERITOCRACY!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Long service (20 years plus) amongst senior EB management and Euroclear SA/NV clique means no potential for advancement is near impossible, outsiders treated with disdain and excluded. Governance incredibly poor, distinct lack of transparency, regulators lead on by carefully constructed messaging Want fairness and equality, give this employer a miss."

Current Employee - Client Service says

"People are unrespectful Management doesn't care on future of staff No future growth You can't make an impact Management doesn't know how to lead No learning curve"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of career advancement, low pay, lack of equal opportunity, not a right place to work, promotion offered to long service staff by seniority."

Current Employee - Support Analyst says

"The people strategy only focuses on young graduates with a major emphasis on people in Poland who tend to leave as soon as they don't get what they want. Older people are constantly challenged, and made ridiculous. Management hopes to bully them away but forget that this way they are entering into even more trouble with the high number of burn-outs, depressions and feelings of unhappines. Other companies are more clever to deal with this."

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"Only room for who aspires to nothing, graveyard of your career, career plan focus to null your talents, promotion based on friendship and xenophobic treatment to foreign people. I perceived the worst talent retention in all the departments"

Investment Funds Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Good place to learn the financial transactions. Meet open minded people."

Operations Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balance is the best culture here Not much recognition about your work in neither good quantity nor good quality. Management decision changes fast without long term and structural mission.Work-life balancelittle team spirit, unconstructive competition and staff rules, low career development"

Senior Business Analyst - Connexis Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Modélisation et objectifs en cours d'évolution. Reste à établir une meilleure gouvernance et favoriser plus une meilleure stratégie de l'entreprise à long terme."

ASSOCIATE MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"...a day at work is a day at school. Many trainings available. Options are there, but you need to go for it and not wait for management. You are surrounded by great people from all parts of the world. Most enjoyable part of the job are the colleauges. Tough part of the job is the disappointment in promotions. You don't always feel it is fair as the common excuse used is "not enough in the budget"..very frustrating and has led to many great talented individuals leaving."

IT Security Management - Distributed Systems (Current Employee) says

"Learned MS queries to filter data which include local group memberships, service run under a particular user. Facilitating accesses on Windows, UNIX, Linux & SQL."

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Pros - Profesionalismo - Exposición a grandes clientes del sector financiero - Estabilidad laboral Contras - Cultura de trabajo casi inexsitente - Política de promociones - Escasez de desarrollo profesional"

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